a good sense of humor is necessary in all situations.

i don’t know the last time i laughed as hard as i did today . . .

my husband and i needed to visit the dump/landfill to dispose of the remnants from our demolition party . . .

we decided the perfect opportunity for this was near the end of the work day. little did we realize that mother nature had other plans for the end of the work day . . .

freezing rain and sleet.

i should clarify now that we did not properly understand the “rules” that come with landfills. our debris was considered more than “household” garbage and we had to take it to a different area of the landfill (ironic, it came from a house – our house) . . .

well, with the freezing rain and sleet, and a weather forecast predicting the next “snowpocolypse,”  the other sections were closed . . .

thankfully we had an extremely generous individual who took pity on us and allowed us to empty our overloaded (Clampett’s style) truck.

absolutely hilarious.

my husband and i franticly attempted to clear the back of the truck from debris, with pelting sleet and freezing rain, all while the landfill representative impatiently stared at us . . .

rather than concern myself with the final bits of disposal. i decided a photo was completely necessary.

please excuse the blur . . .

i couldn’t stop laughing.

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