the history is in the walls.

so a while back, my husband and i decided to recess a television into the wall of our living room. in the process, we found a fantastic history of the styles that our home as been witness to.

the above photo is of the many, many layers of vintage wallpaper that had been covered by plaster, paint and, most recently, studs and drywall. (the brown areas are velvet wallpaper.) we were able to date the stuff behind the velvet paper to the first half of the twentieth century. a few large sections were removed and framed since we found it so interesting.

originally we had hoped to find brick that we could expose, but everything we found was in pretty bad shape. so behind drywall it stayed. (finished project below.)

so, knowing that we had stumbled across something unique in the living room, we figured we might find the same in he kitchen.

not exactly . . .

however, what we did find, was layers and layers, and layers of really thick paint.

the size of the cracking just screams “peel me.”

and all i really want to do is to peel it.

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1 Response to the history is in the walls.

  1. Hilary says:

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw this! I want to peal it too! It’s like a really bad sunburn.
    Love to “watch” the progress. Thank you for sharing! XOXO

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