i have a new appreciation.

. . . for those craftsmen who put up drywall.

the day started with my husband saying that we would be done by noon with drywalling the ceiling of the kitchen . . .

that was until our “square” house became very “unsquare.”

we started the day with measuring every possible width and length we could think of for the ceiling.  we made sure that we double and triple measured the placement of the recessed lights, and went ahead and cut out the holes for the lights.

unfortunately, this was not enough.

we ended up measuring from a center line we created in the room.

but, that still left my husband and i having to lift very heavy pieces of drywall off the floor, hold them over our heads for a period of time, make subtle adjustments in the air, then tack them to the support joists.

it sounds so much easier as i write it here. frankly, this is probably one of the most challenging tasks my husband and i have conquered together.

thankfully, we are still married, the cats are alive and house is in one piece–oh and drywall was successfully installed in the ceiling!

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3 Responses to i have a new appreciation.

  1. dianne lucht says:

    Looks good! You fared better than John and I did. In our first house we were putting up a ceiling in the garage. John made a “T” to support the drywall. The only problem was he used huge heavy beams. I had to climb the ladder holding the T with the drywall on it and balance the other part of the drywall on my head until John could get it positioned. We ended up breaking a window (from the 20lb. T) and I am still 1″ shorter! Love you guys!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Nice work! My dad spent years working on finishing their basement. He had a “T” shaped structure made out of 2x4s he used to support the drywall for the ceiling. You will appreciate what he told me this type of tool was called: an “old lady” !

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