i love a motivated husband.

ever since my husband’s phone call two weeks ago (“honey, its tuesday, we need to have the kitchen gutted by 8am tomorrow”), we have been on a mission to get through this kitchen.

in two weeks time my husband and i (and some very generous friends) have gutted a kitchen, had new electrical and plumbing installed, reinsullated the walls, exposed a brick wall, drywalled, mudded, sanded, primed and painted the entire room.

we truly believe we have been incredibly lucky. we have heard horror stories about being without a kitchen for six months . . . a year . . .

that the electrician or plumber were not timely . . . that they found structural issues with the house . . .

thus far, we have had none of this. (knocking on wood here)

i think we owe much of this good fortune to our friends.

one friend in particular is a general contractor and he recommended our plumber and electrician. these guys are fantastic and i am including their information below. they were both speedy, affordable and wonderful to work with. i cannot recommend someone more than i would these two.

electrician: jema electrical llc, jeff gessner, master electrician, 410-574-1006 (office), 443-858-1934 (cell), jgess@verizon.net

plumber: leif hancock, 443-469-1151

in addition to the technical things above, we have generous friends who have offered their artistic skills to help with the finishing process. specifically, our friend sue crawford (ssmoniker@gmail.com) who does custom painting and interior finishes, offered to come over and help with paint selections.

not only did she help with selecting colors i would never have thought of, she also helped paint the entire length of our home, the ceiling and the entire kitchen. what took her a day to complete would have taken my husband and i a couple days to do (and i am certain our edging wouldn’t have been nearly as clean).

so now we are on to tiling the floor . . .

its been exactly two weeks and i am astounded at the progress we have made.  there is still a long way to go, but it is a big sigh of relief to know that we are through the major structural tasks.

motivation is a grand thing.

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  1. Anderea Dock says:

    So urban chic!

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