various shades of gray.

i mentioned our friend sue crawford in the previous post about how she does custom painting and finishes professionally.  she recommended these wonderful colors that were in line with the overall “gray” color we wanted in the home.

she suggested we paint the long wall that is the left side of our first floor a dark gray tone, and to go light with the rest of the house. i would have never thought of going dark. we are in a thirteen foot wide row home, dark is something we generally shy away from.

we knew the ceiling was going white, the same color as the trim in the rest of the house (which we painted when we first moved in, three years ago), so this was an easy decision.

however, the gray options were a little less easy.

when i took home the initial two quart samples from sherwin-williams and placed them on the wall, the dark, warm gray color that we thought we were in love with, was not a color we enjoyed on our wall.

those little sample chips lied.

side note: if you are painting a room in your home, i highly suggest spending the extra five dollars for the sample quarts.  totally worth making absolutely sure you love your new paint color — and those quarts are enough paint that you can try out the color on a sizable section of your wall.

so back to sherwin-williams i went, with two friends in tow.

this time i was armed with a sample floor tile from the kitchen and the knowledge that i wanted to go darker than the initial dark gray we chose (surprise, surprise), and we wanted a slightly cooler gray for the rest of the house.

my friends and i sat in that store playing with the various colors, all while i am making fun of myself for spending so much time picking out a gray.

is this really that hard? its gray.

well, let me tell you — it’s that hard.

and to make it even more difficult, sherwin-williams has these ever-so-witty names for them all . . .

there’s twilight gray (i can feel the angst already), agreeable gray (cause no one wants a disagreeable one), popular gray (cause its cool, but not cool like a color, its warm like a french gray, but not french like french gray, which is a different color . . .), comfort gray (like mom’s home cookin’), earl gray (do the english know about this?), grayish (really?), uncertain gray (must be a freshman in art school), proper gray (this one the english are on board with. fully.), march wind (like a lion? lamb?), aloof gray (aren’t they all) . . .

the list just keeps going . . .

ultimately, we decided on wordly gray (because we are equal parts classy, sophisticated, cosmopolitan . . . and modest), and gauntlet gray for our dark tone (because we are also mildly confrontational).

my friends’ suggestion to sherwin-williams after all of this?

how about creating an “ambiguous gray.”

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