the great wall of cabinets.

my husband and i shopped around quite a bit for the kind of cabinetry we were going to place in the new kitchen.

early on in our design process, we decided on white cabinetry because we wanted to brighten the space. my husband and i both enjoy dark woods, but were concerned how “small” the area might appear if we chose that.

so white cabinetry it was.

as we researched how cabinets were made, we realized very quickly that unless we were doing “custom” cabinetry, most white coated cabinetry was crafted nearly the same.

we explored the big home improvement meccas, discount cabinetry websites and lastly ikea.

we designed our kitchen with the free custom planner that ikea provided on their website, then used those plans to price out the entire kitchen at varying locations. we found that the large chain home improvement stores and discount cabinetry sites had prices that well exceeded that of ikea.

no surprise, right?

however, what did surprise was that the cabinets were essentially constructed of the same materials.  the biggest difference being in that we had to put them together.

since my husband and i were quadrupling the amount of cabinetry in the space, we knew we had to be savvy on where and how we spent our money. we liked many of the storage options that ikea gave and we were really happy that everything was fully guaranteed for twenty-five years.

so ikea it was.

and the boxes were delivered.

thankfully, i am an incredibly organized individual (i owe this to one of my best friends from college who showed me how before i entered graduate school), so the puzzle that was our dining room was quickly organized.

however, i did have a little added help from our sales rep . . .

our sales rep printed up a list of every cabinet in our design and the subsequent parts each would need (this is different than the receipt which is simply a listing of everything we purchased). he also suggested  that i take the original drawing, number each cabinet and cross referenced those numbers to the divided lists.


we made little piles, numbered the boxes and all was good.

my friend and i then spent the entire weekend being “swedish” — a truly “satisfying and rewarding process,” as ikea likes to call it in their “how to” video. (or rather, the amount of blood and accidental finger smashing was kept to a minimum.)

while we conquered the scandinavian system, my husband and his father dutifully installed each of the frames. both were impressed by the system and a little shocked at the “industriousness” of it.

so, our kitchen is now looking more like a kitchen. we still have doors and drawers to install, but we are certainly one step closer.

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2 Responses to the great wall of cabinets.

  1. Hilary says:

    Love Love Love Love Love it! You all do Great work!

  2. Amanda says:

    i am impressed. david and i have trouble even putting together a tv stand together from ikea. doors are the worst. i love the price of that flat box furniture but the thought of putting together an entire kitchen…wow…all those doors….good for you!

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