and we all fall down . . .

well–hopefully not all of us that is.

we knew we were playing a waiting game when we bought our baltimore row home. we knew the city had “big plans” for the empty blocks just north of us. as the economy crashed and the housing market deflated, we held our breaths and crossed our fingers that plans and monies would still be there to complete the restoration project.

one day last week, the waiting stopped.

we awoke to this:

and we found ourselves letting out a huge sigh of relief.

the above change happens to be the removal of a section of homes just north of ours. we were thrilled to know that our dilapidated, uninhabited baltimore neighborhood is finally being shown some love and attention. and while both my husband and i are not advocates for tearing homes down, these poor shells have been unloved for such a long period of time that we are actually happy to see the dump trucks move in.

so far, the company in charge of these efforts is telesis.  Based in new york, telesis has done an excellent job at maintaining the “charm” and “look” of the old historical homes with other constructions they have completed in the area. several articles published about their success can be found on the baltimore sun website or on the north calvert green website.

the above area will eventually be a park, lined with row homes and we look forward to the days when the area will be inhabited again.

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