parent fail.

i blame the following on #newparentignorance, #lackoflove, #expertmarketingguruswhowereboredbylongwinters.

mom and dad valentines

so . . . apparently, that little hallmark/kay jewelers/my-significant-other-is-obligated-to-pay-attention-to-me holiday that just passed is really important in the world of kids. (and i should know this, as my go-to all-things-mommy-expert-friend has been prepping v-day messages at work for weeks now . . . oh – and i work at a school.)

on valentine’s day, i drop my son off at daycare as per usual, not really thinking about the fact it was v-day (of course, my hubby and son had already surprised me with a cute note and flower that morning – but hey, i’m still in that post-preggo world of not remembering crap, so i didn’t connect the dots), said our usual greetings (in fact, i’m pretty certain i even acknowledged the holiday because i wished everyone a happy one) and went on my merry way.

it wasn’t until pick-up that those little dots started to connect . . .

gian's paintingfirst, i am presented with a very large bag of “goodies” that gian made for me and dad (clue #1 here) and then, with much fanfare, i am handed an additional set of adorably decorated bags – bags that contained messages of “love,” “friendship,” and “coolness” from his friends (clue #2). in fact, as i opened them on behalf of gian, one of the bags contained specialty freeze-dried yogurt drops because they new he was too young for any other festive treats (light bulb now fully on).

*%!@?* !!!!!

we were that family – that family that didn’t share the love with gian’s classmates on the day that is earmarked for love, with a capital ‘l’. gian broke all the little girls hearts and his bros didn’t get spongebob telling them how cool they were.

as our (you bet i’m including the hubby in this too) mistake became very clear, my apologies began . . . to which i was reassured with comments like “its ok – you’re new parents.” (but let’s be honest here – they were all thinking, what the *%$@! is wrong with you – we all figured our *%$@! out . . . )

perhaps not really realizing the full extent of my errors, i called my ever-so-wise-sister, telling her how we messed up and then asking if i could make it up the following day. she was like, “nope, you are a #parentfail (with a capital ‘#’) and there is no making this up.”

well? lesson learned. all holidays are now very important in our world.

watch out st. patty’s day – it’s on.

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  1. Anderea says:

    But we still love our #parentfail duo! 🙂

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