when the planets align . . .

it occurs oh-so-rarely, but when it does . . . brilliant things happen.

our little family was out for a very rare lunch after a very successful six-month doctors appointment (three shots, no tears – we are still holding our breath – one month later) and having a grand time (forget that we were eating way before the super old folk dining hour – say three o’clock here . . . look, we have a child . . . we have to take what we can get when it comes to dining in public . . . we are as “real” as one can get about these situations) – hubby was making witty jokes, i was retorting with something not-so-witty, both of us enjoying adult beverages, our son cooing at the successful choice of toys we made, hubby snapping photos of me, i snapping photos of the two of them . . .

and then i got this little gem:

word bubble 1

brilliant, right?

so i did what every sane-minded person would do – i placed the call out to friends (on facebook, of course) with a simple request: “funny word bubble caption time everyone . . . ready, set, go!” – and “go” they did.

here of some of their brilliant interpretations.

word bubble word bubble 2 word bubble 3 word bubble 4 word bubble 5 word bubble 6

and one friend decided to send their own graphics, in addition to verbiage . . . serious bonus points. we love you jordan.word bubble 7 word bubble 8

please share yours, and we will gladly add it to the mix.

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