we resolve to stick with this resolution. . .

four months late.

so its been over two years since we overhauled our kitchen and over a year since we updated this blog . . .

our sincerest apologies. between tiny human, work endeavors, the incessant desire to attempt to maintain the same schedules we had pre-baby (like all new parents, right?), this poor blog has suffered a little . . . and perhaps our sanity as well – ha!

frankly, there is nothing quite like the flip of a new season to remind you of all the things that you “need” to do or “want” to do or perhaps that you “intended” to do all along, but just got distracted with — you know — life.

this blog has been one of those “yeah, we’ll post tonight” or “let me quick finish ____” (fill in the blank here with everything/anything) or “i’ll totally finish that post once the tiny human is asleep” (which often results in passing out from exhaustion on the couch, full glass of wine still in hand).

fast forward 1.5 years later and both the hubby and i are asking ourselves “where did the time go” and realized that we miss posting to this fun, mildly witty report of our attempt to stylize our lives.

in the past 1.5 years we certainly haven’t stopped working on the house, we just stopped writing about it.

so. for the remainder of 2015 we both have resolved to revive this little “slice” of our life.

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