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we resolve to stick with this resolution. . .

four months late. so its been over two years since we overhauled our kitchen and over a year since we updated this blog . . . our sincerest apologies. between tiny human, work endeavors, the incessant desire to attempt to … Continue reading

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best sound ever.

a tenant of parenting is that you will do anything (i.e. peekaboo, silly faces, crossed eyes, self-battery) to make this happen: it just so happens that our friends are willing to do the same. we seriously believe this noise could … Continue reading

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a few weeks back i captured this little video. i know its mother’s day and this video is all about “dad,” but it gives me such pride to see this little guy grow up. a friend once told me that … Continue reading

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when the planets align . . .

it occurs oh-so-rarely, but when it does . . . brilliant things happen. our little family was out for a very rare lunch after a very successful six-month doctors appointment (three shots, no tears – we are still holding our … Continue reading

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happy 2013.

this is the “birth announcement” that quickly became the “holiday greeting” which evolved into into the “new year’s card” and finally became the “happy-holiday-chinese-new-year-five-month-announcement-valentine’s-day-thank-you-greeting-card.” (let’s face it – “parenting” should be defined as: people who guide children to adulthood and … Continue reading

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parent fail.

i blame the following on #newparentignorance, #lackoflove, #expertmarketingguruswhowereboredbylongwinters. so . . . apparently, that little hallmark/kay jewelers/my-significant-other-is-obligated-to-pay-attention-to-me holiday that just passed is really important in the world of kids. (and i should know this, as my go-to all-things-mommy-expert-friend has been … Continue reading

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the first supper.

we did it. gian did it. the first “real” food was had and it appears that our hungry little man is eager to dive into the world of non-dairy products. the final decision for what the first food would be? … Continue reading

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baby’s first meal.

oh the pressure. i mean – this is the first meal . . . my child’s first taste of something other than boob-milk. what’s a mom to do? i so desperately want my son to love all kinds of foods … Continue reading

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keeping the romance alive

so . . . my husband and i got our first babysitter (the non-grandparent kind) so we could go out for an evening of food, friendship and fundraising (it was a bull roast for my place of work). after the … Continue reading

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four months. really?

This gallery contains 19 photos.

seriously. four months. they say time flew – i just didn’t realize that i would question whether or not i was actually in attendance for any of it this much . . . this kid has been a riot, to … Continue reading

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